The Art of Metanoia

Celebrating today's forward-thinking visionaries, dynamic innovators, and progressive believers of change by curating events that showcase all aspects of art.

Kayla Parchia.

Meet Kayla Parchia: a fresh voice in the growing world of bloggers who knows what it's like to follow her passions and create the connection between herself and her readers! Her brand focuses not just on the professional, but also on the meaningful, as she makes a difference by creating a space for people to become the best version of themselves. We spoke with Kay about the unique nature of her professional journey, how she found her voice, and what inspires her creatively. 

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Donte Maurice.

Donte Maurice is a 21 year-old photographer and student at Georgia State University. He is someone whose work pushes the boundaries of this profession to create images that are expressive, edgy, original, and most of all capture an intimate moment in time.

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Andréa Price.

Meet Andréa Price. She is a living reminder that there is creativity inside of us all. She is a symbol of strength and a voice of perseverance and in addition to painting, she is a creative consultant specializing in illustration, graphic design, photography and creative direction.

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Meet undeniably one of Atlanta’s best makeup artists (or wherever you need her to be): Noorface. She continues to execute her own authentic vision through her compelling work. We spoke with the makeup guru about all things beauty, the importance of hard work, and the actual artistry involved in this industry. 

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Matthew Bloomer.

Metanoia highlights individuals leading an empowered and authentic life while constantly pushing the limits of conscious creation. Matthew Bloomer is effortlessly paving his own was to success with his brand, Delinda Arts. We had the honor of speaking with Matthew about the message behind his work, where his style came from, and how his life has inspired his creations.

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