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Matthew Bloomer.

Metanoia highlights individuals leading an empowered and authentic life while constantly pushing the limits of conscious creation. Matthew Bloomer is effortlessly paving his own way to success with his brand, Delinda Arts. We had the honor of speaking with Matthew about the message behind his work, where his style came from, and how his life has inspired his creations.


 As a visual artist, graphic designer, and entrepreneur, Matthew Bloomer explores and celebrates all types of art through his daily creations. Matthew first became interested in graphic design around the age of 17 by stumbling upon an artist on tumblr (KaCey Kal). He would dabble in graphic design from time to time while studying animation, but he grew such a love for his work that he chose to drop animation and focus on visual art and graphic design.

Originally born in Trussville, Alabama, he moved to Atlanta in 2012 to attend the Art Institute of Atlanta to study animation. He stayed with the art program for 2 years and then decided to continue his creations without school, for financial reasons.  At just 22, his work has been featured on the fader along with countless other blogs and social media outlets. 


When did you decide to create Delinda Arts & what is the meaning behind it?

Matthew Bloomer:

I started it March 8th, 2015. Initially, I was just going by Bloomer (my last name). I was in my room one night and it just dawned on me that my mom and dad wanted to start a computer tech company in the late 90’s but around 2002 my father passed away, so my mom couldn’t really focus on it at the time so it fell to the side. It was going to be called Delinda Technical Services. The name is a combination of both my dad’s (Delbert) and mom’s (Linda) names. I just want to make my father happy to be honest. I want to see the name on billboards and televisions one day.


Where did your "vibed out" signature idea come from?


It actually came from my computer and Walcom tablet being stolen in October of 2014. I had so much work on there I was devastated. On a lunch break from work I went to my car and sat in there so damn sad and depressed. I thought shit was over; I didn’t have a computer to make my work off of, so I didn’t have anymore clientele coming in. So while I was in the car, I grabbed my sketchbook and just started drawing these weird shapes flowing off of each other. I put on some music and just kept drawing, drawing, and drawing. I drew these weird pictures of shapes flowing around each other and cartoon faces. Vibed Out basically comes from canceling out all of my problems, worries, concerns and just focusing on my art at hand; vibing out. Each piece I do now has a reason, never just because. There’s a story to everything. I kept doing that until I got another computer and started doing them digitally. That was around the time I started going by Delinda Arts.




Do you feel like studying animation at the Art Institute of Atlanta aided your growth with art?


Definitely! I remember the first months of attending, fellow freshman were so pissed because they wanted to get into actually animating. But we had figure drawing classes, design principles, photoshop classes, still life drawing, color theory, perspective drawing techniques, and of course some general education classes. I was so excited for it. I was learning all these new concepts to apply to my craft. I think figure drawing and the photoshop classes helped the most even though I was already very familiar with photoshop and illustrator from high school. But I miss it so much I just couldn’t afford to stay any longer. I definitely want to go back and get my Animation degree for sure.


What does being "creative" mean to you?


It’s gotta come from the heart. I know it sound cliche but to me it means keeping it real, honest, pure. I always want to keep thinking outside of the box that everyone else is thinking outside of. Being creative is being innovative. Making new experiences. Like Metanoia. 


What are you communicating with your art?


That we are all unique. We all have that one thing we’re amazing at and it’s being ourselves. If you look at all the Vibed Out Works I’ve done you can see each character (muse) is comprised of different shapes. They never have the same number of shapes, never the same size, always a different form and color. More than Vibed Out, I like doing hand drawn illustration as well. I painted for a short time also. I want to be able to tackle an array of mediums with art which is why I put the “Arts” at the end of Delinda Arts to show I’m always interested in diversity in new mediums. 


What creative medium would you love to pursue that you haven't tackled yet?


I would love to get into music production and dj’ing. After I left the Art Institute I found interest in music production so I got a crack version of Frooty Loops from a friend and I fell in love with it. Currently, I use Ableton to make music and Virtual DJ to make mixes when I’m not working on art. When I’m successful with Delinda Arts, I want to start an electronic band called Smeer. 


What is your driving passion? 


Give my all in everything I do. Be kind to others because karma is super real. Knowing that I’m not going to be on this Earth forever is a great motivator as well. It pushes me to get as much done in this lifetime as possible. I want to be able to take care of my mom and sister with my art career as well. I want to be able to inspire a kid that doesn’t really have someone to look up to. I had my mom, Kid Cudi, and Kanye. Those are my heroes. I want to be able to inspire the kids to be whoever they want to be.


Keep up with Matthew on Instagram and Twitter and check out Delinda Arts