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It is necessary to learn at an early age the importance of accepting — and loving — exactly who you are. With that being said, it is also important for artists to know and understand their own creative style. We live in a world where artists are increasingly missing a big piece of the puzzle – a distinguishing visual identity.

Meet Noorface, she's undeniably one of Atlanta’s best makeup artists (or wherever you need her to be). Noor continues to execute her own authentic vision through her compelling work. She has her own personal philosophy that she instills in her brand - “Enhance the natural beauty & let the glow from within flow outwards.” This statement has become the mantra by which Noorface lives and is the power behind her amazing success. Her work is instantly recognizable: fresh, glowing faces that radiate confidence and a fierce attitude.


Her natural ability to make clients not only look beautiful, but also feel beautiful has made her a favorite among a versatile group of industry actors and singers. Her artistry has led her to work with numerous recording artists and celebrities covering red carpet appearances, editorials and even ad campaigns. To sum it up, she’s a everything we aspire to be. We spoke with the makeup guru about all things beauty, the importance of hard work, and the actual artistry involved in this industry. 

Who and what is Noor Face? Tell the readers about yourself and your brand. 

Noorface: noorface is everything that embodies a woman and femininity in a tasteful, sophisticated & subtly sexy way. Every woman deserves & desires to be beautiful in her own essence, whatever that means to her. For me it's enhancing the natural beauty & letting the glow from within flow outwards. I don't separate myself from my brand. I am noorface :)

How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

NF: My style is deeper than enhancing a woman's natural beauty. It's about the feeling and the connection. noorface is an experience and in life, those are truly the moments you remember off of how they made you feel. I love enhancing the skin and bringing out the cheeks and really sculpting the face. There's something about keeping the eyes minimal but adding a strong winged liner to really capture attention without saying much. 


Do you have any products that are your go-to? What’s your favorite brand of makeup?

NF: With so many products out there, my favorite products change from month to month. It keeps me on top of my game and open to new makeup! Who doesn't like to buy new makeup!! Lol! If I had to pick a makeup product it'd be the Estée Lauder double wear foundation & the Maybelline lash sensation mascara!

I read that you used to work for MAC cosmetics. How has the transition been from working for a company to working for yourself?

NF: When I began the transition to work for myself it was exciting, but at the same time I was like oh shit what did I do. It took a lot of legwork and constantly reaching out to people to give me a chance to show what I'm capable of artistically and professionally. I think people forget the professional part nowadays, but I digress. Entrepreneurship is a mentality, it's self-discipline.. it's your whole life. You're answerable to yourself. Think about that for a second...That's pretty intense.

From the products used, to the makeup seminars attended, and even to the photographers used to capture your work, how important is it to invest in your brand?

NF: This is an excellent question. It stresses me out how much I need to stress the importance of investing in yourself with quality. The payoff will always be greater than your initial investment if you do it right. And by do it right I mean, do it with dignity, honesty and pure intentions for yourself and whatever it is that you're trying to accomplish. You have to see yourself at the finish line before you actually get there. People on the outside looking in only see the end and forget the journey in between. & If you've experienced that- and I mean truly experience this, you'll feel what I'm saying. & like really feel it. 


Sometimes, makeup artists don’t get recognition for the actual artistry that goes into this profession.  What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve had to face?

NF: I think the most frustrating part is exactly that. The ARTISTRY in the profession is often watered down & undermined. The biggest challenge I face is with myself and knowing this and then getting discouraged and not wanting to put any work out because it's like who tf cares. But in that same instance the passion still beats for it so I have to keep going for myself & the people who respect it, will. I'm not going to go out of my way to make people accept my artistry. 

How do you build a diverse kit to accommodate for all styles and skin types while doing freelance work?

NF: I actually keep my kit very minimal. It helps me grow as an artist in mixing colors and finding that perfect texture and tone for my clients. So I keep light, medium, medium deep, dark, deep and deepest in my kit and mix to make the perfect blend. I also keep correctors to advise the different red or yellows in the skin tone. I think if you keep too much shit in your kit, it's overwhelming, for me at least and not to mention who wants to carry that around. I've found a streamlined formula that works for me. 

You’ve done such beautiful work on so many celebrities. Who have you not worked on that you’d kill to get into your chair?

NF: Man! I would LUUURRVE to work on J.Lo! Halle Berry, Kerry Washington, Mila Kunis, & Chanel Iman.


You’ve definitely been successful at building a beautiful portfolio that is diverse in all aspects.What advice/words of wisdom would you give to upcoming makeup artists who are interested in pursuing a career in your line of work? 

NF: Don't ask for handouts and do your research. Work at a counter get the experience in real life and not of YouTube & not to knock YouTube- but it'll only give you a certain amount of knowledge where as when you're in the field - you're forced to expand your hand at doing people that don't look like you. Don't be afraid to ask people you know to be your models and practice on them. Understand that everyone is different and just because something looks good on someone else won't necessarily be the case for everyone. Build yourself to a point where people are seeking you out and are interested in what you have to offer. Life is a trade. We are always trading with each other in ways and there are enough opportunities to make ish happen. 

What is your driving passion?

The people that believe in me drive my passion. My future life drives my passion. Tomorrow drives my passion. Knowing that people depend on me drives my passion. God. & that’s 💯
— Noorface

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